How To Access My Locked Gmail Account?

Are you not able to sign in to Gmail Account? Are you tired of trying many attempts? We can understand how important is it to check our daily emails received in the inbox. When someone tries many attempts to sign in but unsuccessful then Google consider the user ID as being compromised or being attack by a hacker. In this case, Google locks that email address for safety purpose.

To fight with this problem is not a difficult task if the user knows his email address and a little more information related to his account. The users can get an instant answer from tech industry experts just reach to Gmail support and get help on urgent basis.

Follow the given steps to unlock Gmail Account:

  • Turn on the computer and let’s connect it to the internet.
  • Go to the webpage and search for Gmail Sign In page.
  • Click forgot password to recover the account.
  • It will ask for the last password you remember. Enter if you remember the last password and click Next in case if you don’t remember, click Try a different question.
  • It will ask to send a verification code on the submitted mobile number. Click to Send text message. And enter the code in the given box.
  • If clicked to try a different question, it will ask to enter a backup code.
  • After repeating the same process it will ask to provide the mobile phone number which you provided for security settings.
  • If entered the mobile phone number that’s ok and if not then the next question came as when you create this Gmail account?
  • In this way, there are lots of methods to recover the locked ID.
  • A security question may be answered by user to get back to his locked account or try to enter the recovery email address for unlocking.

We hope the above-provided content will help its user to unlock his/her account. For more guidance reach to Gmail support Number Australia and get the related information and help in solving any technical issue.