How To Change Gmail Password?.

It is a free email service through which we can chat, send messages, exchange documents, share files and images. Nowadays, it is immensely spreading in the world with its infinite features of spam, filters, inbox, sent items, starred, several categories and much more. The one which offered only the single gigabyte of usage to its users has risen to fifteen gigabytes per customer. For sending emails they are given storage of 25 MB whereas for receiving it is just double. It has an interface which is related to search and a view for the conversation. For sending big files, you can insert from the Google drive. For the further knowledge, stay in touch with Gmail Support.

Sometimes you find that your account is being tracked by another person or he/she is trying to do so by having a hint of the password. In that case, you should immediately change the security of your account to protect it from the evil doers. Make sure that it won’t be modified from the app on your phone. There are four techniques for executing this task as seen below:

  • The first is by opening this website, sign-in with the desired account, tap on the gear icon in the up-right, then settings, after that accounts and import, change security, type the password and then hit the change button.
  • Secondly, you can do this with the help of an android device by going in settings option. For iPhone users, visiting ‘my account website’ will help. Go to the section of personal, click on services of Google, enter the credential and after signing-in alter it.
  • The third is to reach ‘my account website’ from your browser, log-in and the rest of the procedure is same as above.
  • The fourth is to reset a password which is forgotten in which there are different recovery methods.

Does the information given in the lines above is relevant? No, don’t worry; give a call at Gmail Support Number Australia 1-800-817-695, who is there to guide you throughout the year with suitable suggestions needed for your problem.