How to Manage Your Gmail Clutter with Tabs and Labels?

Gmail always try to furnish and come up with something amazing that makes our online lives and presence a bit easier. Included tabs and categories are created for helping the user to organize their email received throughout the day. These features locate specific emails and subjects (even from spam folder) managing them in multiple ways and much more.

Gmail Tabs:

Since May 2013, Google Gmail automatically sorted messages into Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums tabs. The user doese not have to place messages in above mentioned folders. For better control you can specify which folders are visible along with their locations. How to do that:

  • Access and log into your Gmail account and then go to your Inbox.
  • On the right hand side of the visible tabs click on the Addition arrow (+). You will see window will appear automatically and you can list the folders ranging from Primary to Promotions tabs.
  • Click on the Save button available at the bottom of the screen after marking the boxes next to left of tabs you want to use. You can also hide the folders which you do not want to use. And the all the email will move to Primary folder in case if you are removing any tab.

Gmail Labels:

  • a. Run and sign in to your Gmail account. Go to More option available on the left side of the screen.
  • b. Click on Create new label after scrolling down. Here you can name the label. The label will automatically appear once it is created beneath Compose button.
  • c. Now you can label your emails. If you want to do it individually, either you can click and drag the email over label on the left hand side or you can click on down arrow available bottom right side while composing email.

In case if you are unable to make settings or do not know how to use these tabs and labels then you can contact our experts at Gmail Support Number +61 283173572. You can also discuss your issues and concerns with the team. You can reach us via live or email as well.