How To Work Bitmoji With Gmail On Iphone?

Bitemoji is a wonderful feature, app or you can keyboard that let its user create own personal emoji. The User can create a service that allows users to make an expressive cartoon avatar and post it in text messages. Gmail Support would like to inform that if you want to add Bitemoji to your Gmail messages you can easily add it using the following steps:

Learn to Use the Bitmoji Keyboard:

  • Firstly Bitmoji Keyboard should be set up on your iPhone.
  • On your home screen tap the Gmail icon to open the application.
  • At bottom right corner of the screen tap the new message icon, it’s a red circle with a white pencil.
  • In the “To” field, add a recipient or use the drop-down menu to select a contact and then in the “subject” field enter a subject.
  • As you move ahead to compose your email in the “Compose email” area, you will see that the keyboard opens.
  • Near the bottom-left corner of the keyboard tap & hold the globe key and doing this will bring a list of the keyboard on the screen.
  • Select Bitmoji and the regular keyboard will be replaced by Bitmoji keyboard.
  • Now choose and tap Bitmoji you wish to send. Swipe left through each category to browse for options and then to its options swipe downwards. Once the Bitmoji is selected, a message will be displayed which will confirm that it’s copied and ready to be pasted.
  • Tap and press on the message area. An option of “Paste” will display.
  • Tap this appeared option and select Bitmoji will be displayed in the messages. These steps can be repeated to add additional if you want.
  • Tap the paper airplane icon at the top-right corner of the screen to send the message. It will be delivered to the selected recipient.

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